Happy Father’s Day – 2015

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy who has always been my hero: He was the cool college kid my mama fell in love with, the Air Force jet fighter pilot who earned the call sign “Grit” for “integrity,” the gifted multiple-graduate-degree-holder, the attorney and young partner named a “Best Lawyer in America” year after year, the Christian example who talked Apologetics at the dinner table and raised us on C.S Lewis and Tolkien. 

He’s the daddy who prayed, worked hard, always made it home for dinner, jumped on the trampoline, swam in the lake, rode the zip line, and took interest in what interested us kids – be it ballet or baseball. He’s my daddy and I am so very thankful for him this and every day.

Here’s the link to my current fave. It’s called “Good, Good Father” and my friend Pat wrote it.

What a blessing to have an earthly father who points me towards my Father in heaven.

What are your thoughts?

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