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5 Things you need to watch NOW

I’ve apparently been watching a lot of documentaries lately on Netflix. These are my recent faves.

Shut Up Little Man!Tabloid DocumentaryThe Source FamilyWe Cause ScenesJim Gaffigan Mr. Universe

1. Shut Up, Little Man!
Watch out, kids – adult language! It’s about friendship. It’s about roommates. It’s about the time-old tradition of insulting the people you love. If you can stomach the f-word, this is a hilarious, entertaining, and exceptionally well-made documentary about the need for human connection, emotion, and human behavior.

2. Tabloid
Genius-level-IQ former beauty queen kidnaps a Mormon in London in the 70’s for a crazy sex-filled weekend – or does she? Learn about Mormonism. Learn about sneaking out of the UK as a poorly-costumed fake mute. Learn about cloning puppies. This documentary has something for everyone.

3. The Source Family
This documentary examines a radical experiment in utopian living in the 1970s. Jim Baker aka “Father Yod” opens some health food restaurants, employs runaways and minors, and becomes a self-proclaimed guru. See the cult through clips of actual footage and present day interviews with actual former members; listen to the tale unravel to the sounds of 60+ albums the Source Family recorded. There’s no cool aid, just wild mysticism, small bits of nudity, a miracle or too, and one dodgy old man. Watch it now.

4. We Cause Scenes
Avant garde meets prank meets hidden camera meets youtube. This is a short history of the rise of the internet, improv comedy, and the present movement in NYC 1,000s strong: Improv Everywhere. Highlights include no pants day on the subway, U2’s Bono being “arrested,” and a prank-filled wedding at the end (“… of course there’s a wrestler at my wedding!”). Witness the ebb and flow of one man’s hopes and dreams (like everyone else’s in the early 2000s in the city) and the evolution of this improvisational, interactive comedy as it pushes boundaries and seeks to redefine art.

5. Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe
Saved the best for last. Chock-full of one-liners, this comedy special is hilariously funny and remarkably clean. No adult content or language, offensive reference to genitalia, or degradation of women are needed for Gaffigan to have you rolling – with content ranging from family life to wales, and fast food to gym experiences. Fully relatable and extremely amusing, this is truly a must see.

Guilty Pleasure: My So-Called Life

So can we talk about My So-Called Life? I love it. It is exaggerated, ridiculous, and has hilariously characteristic 90’s high school banter – sprinkled with plenty of “umm… you know”s, pregnant pauses, and “like”s.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Things about My So-Called Life {sad that it only had one 19-episode season}.

10. The awkwardness is palpable and the tension in some strained relationships on the show is painful {in a good way}.

9. 1994 was the year of combat boots, over-sized plaid shirts, and grunge bands.

8. The issues of identity and searching for self are legit.

7. It’s set in Pittsburgh.

6. The parents’ relationship is embarrassingly real.

5. The hair.

4. The clothes.

3. The frienemies that the girls morph into – catty one minute, bffs the next.

2. The melodramatic nature of unchecked high school emotions.

1. How the show miraculously portrays a youthful Jared Leto (whose character, Jordan, is on the verge of dropping out, is habitually indifferent and makes little/ no effort with Angela {Claire Danes}, and who can barely read) as irresistible boyfriend material in true high school form.

I wasn’t exactly allowed to watch it {at the time, I was in 4th grade} but as I caught up on the reruns in high school, my Dad thought the name “My So-Called Life” was fetching for a maladjust teenage show.