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Continuing this Who Do You Love series, up next: Pinterest.

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Why is Pinterest so addicting?

It’s like the collection of all your favorite things in one place. Additionally, people have realized that they would rather stalk brands and images on Pinterest than stalk people on Facebook – especially since the birth of the MiniFeed that tracks your movements on Facebook.
Want more info on Pinterest? TIME has a list – which Huff critiques.

I love The Pioneer Woman. Sure, she pins mostly food, but that’s what I love about her. Anything that is yummy, toothsome, or over-the-top delicious is pinned by PW. She’s worth following, for sure.
Stats – Followers: 398,704. Pins: 966. Website: thepioneerwoman.com.

I love Real Simple. The magazine that covers it all – from creative and practical solutions to basic life hacks – pins it all, too. If you love this magazine, you will love these pinboards.
Stats – Followers: 511,100. Pins: 12,077. Website: realsimple.com.

I love Garden & Gun. If you are not familiar with the publishing phenomenon, please read about it here. They highlight all things magical about the South including the sporting life, why we Southerners paint our porch ceilings blue, and what to wear to summer weddings. Je t’adore, G&G.
Stats – Followers: 26,758. Pins: 1,774. Website: gardenandgun.com.

I love Project Nursery – even though we have no need for anything remotely nursery-esque, their pins are simply gorgeous and inspirational. Seriously, anything from cloth diapers to nursery trends, smart DIY storage ideas to party themes and games – and even Big Boy/ Girl rooms; most anything related to beautiful, smart, stylish babies/ family you can find on Project Nursery.
Stats – Followers: 96,959. Pins: 10,133. Website: projectnursery.com.

I love Pottery Barn. I don’t really need to explain this one, do I? Beautiful home and party decor with a lovely new category: weddings. All things in vogue in terms of color, texture, textiles, patterns, paint, art, season, or style.
Stats – Followers: 240,427. Pins: 4,300. Website: potterybarn.com.

I love Etsy. This is great because of two things. One, it makes Etsy smaller. Ever checked out Etsy just to browse – see what’s out there and try to peruse all the different dealers? It’s overwhelming. It’s hard to sort through everything – whether you know what you’re looking for or not. Which brings me to number two: Etsy on Pinterest has separated pins into boards that help narrow down your search with the Gifts for and Guest Pinner boards. Pinterest: Etsy made easy – say that three times fast.
Stats – Followers: 449,410. Pins: 10,362. Website: etsy.com.

So Who Do You Love?

Of course, you can always follow me. I have a website and a business, but I mainly pin things I find funny – bingeing on memes, macros, and gifs between the hours of midnight and 3 am. {If you don’t know what any of those words mean, click on them to learn more and watch this.} I have an interesting, weird internet following for my funny board – people I’ve never met who actively repin what I pin. The internet is a wonderful, strange place – so is this board.
Stats –  Followers: 6,074. Pins: 9,284. Website: lucyduggar.com.

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