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Who do you love? When it comes to YouTube, where do you find yourself about 3 hours after you popped on “just to watch one” video? Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward make up tutorials – random, I know. I’m also very big on humor, so I have two categories for today’s post: HUMOR and MAKE UP. Here are a few of my faves (I subscribe to each of these, but you can get your feet wet with these vids).

I may actually do a social media series – favorites on youtube, instagram, pinterest, twitter.



Dave Barnes

He is a very talented musician who lives in Nashville and writes stuff for famous people. He loves Jesus and YoungLife (I first met him because he was playing music for Club at Frontier Ranch), his sweet wife and growing family. He cracks me up. His Christmas videos are best – but I can’t pick just one – and remember Valentine’s Day?! I’ve picked a Karate Video and Dave/ Santa Dancing. You can’t not laugh.


Tripp and Tyler

These guys are ridiculous. They get away with making fun of just about anything, but everyday situations are their specialty. Can’t stomach corporate world? Hate conference calls? Doing Twitter wrong? Looking for a satire on Christian dating websites or fashion? They’ve got something for everybody – Sh*t Nobody Says. The one below is one of my faves because it’s making fun of the community they’re a big part of. It’s called Shoot Christians Say. They work closely with Andy Stanley for Catalyst Conference and the like.

The Lonely Island

These guys – Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer – are equal parts funny and offensive. You’ve been warned. They have some silly stuff and some inappropriate stuff, but weigh that against the laughs per video and – just being honest here – I love most of these guys’ videos. They feature a lot of celebs – you’ll probably remember D*** in a Box with Justin Timberlake, I’m on a Boat with T-Pain, YOLO with Adam Levine, Jack Sparrow with Michael Bolton, and Hugs with Pharrell. Here’s an oldie but a goodie: The Creep with Nicki Minaj. Enjoy.

Talking Animals

Not all of these videos are the funniest thing you’ll ever watch, but the gems you come across are truly priceless. If you love funny animals, voice overs, and vine compilations this is the place for you. My all-time fave is called The Ultimate Dog Tease, but since we’ve broken out the Christmas videos, why not have a second? Two vids from this funny, family-friendly, humorous channel.




Nicole Guerriero

She’s hilarious, her attitude is spot-on, and her bloopers are priceless. She has great vids for everyday make up and beauty hacks. She can also transform her entire face for extreme Halloween make up. My Halloween faves are Greek Goddess, Ice Queen, Mad Hatter, and Pin-Up Zombie; she also has a Maleficent tutorial out for Angelina Jolie’s upcoming movie. Below is a celebrity tutorial – Khloe Kardashian Odom. Love.


Pixiwoo is a sister-sister team of beautiful Brits – Sam and Nicola. They have another youtube channel – Pixiwoo Madness – which is more lifestyle, but Pixiwoo is purely make up. They can transform their entire face for different looks and have the training and technique to warrant their own Real Techniques Make Up line, early admission to exclusive stores (like this Chanel pop up store in Covent Garden), and tours all over the UK and US. They are the real deal, and what, I imagine, most youtube make up artists aspire to. They do everything from everyday make up to trendy make up, but this 90’s Super Model vid is my current fave. Their perfect eyeliner for everyone and eyebrow tutorial are incredibly helpful and informative.

Jaclyn Hill

This kewpie-doll lookalike and former MAC Cosmetics makeup artist doesn’t do looks that transform her face as much as compliment it. She is cute, with it, on trend, and does mostly everyday looks – most tutorials on her channel make you look and feel beautiful. My two favorites are below. (Also: her bloopers are hilarious).


Lisa Eldridge

Another Brit! She’s a legit runway model make up artist who has worked with the best of the best on shoots, covers, and cat walks. She fancies a natural looking make up that enhances your skin and face. She does some make up tutorials on herself, but often has guests like former model and Vogue contributing editor Alexa Chung. She’s worked with tons of celebrities, super models, and is most often commissioned for Vogue and Glamour covers. She is endlessly talented and effortlessly British.


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