Dealing with Disappointment 

We’ve all been there: ff4aa53778512fe30ed180b93346a407 the deal didn’t come through, the plans had to be cancelled, you didn’t get the job, the relationship ended – hopes and dreams can turn to disappointment and doubt quickly.

Things just didn’t turn out the way you thought they should have.

At some level, we’ve all experienced disappointment; the key is not allowing momentary set-backs rob you of joy or cause you to lose hope. I’m not a counselor nor do I have anything but my own life experiences to draw from, but I thought I’d just mention a few of my favorite things to do when dealing with disappointment.

Here’s the list with a few of my favorite perspective-gaining truths, too:

1. make a cuppa tea {now there’s a pretty splendid earl grey and chai for k-cups.}

2. light your favorite scented candle {this one is a dupe for my favorite and can be found at your local Kroger or Publix!}

3. listen to music 4b1822981affcdf3184e87a00cf04d92

4. take a hot bath

5. pick up a good book

6. bake something new

7. call a friend or loved one

8. watch something popular on Netflix

9. fly a kitee0a88e4507efb444f779bf0370cf2802

10. troll Pinterest for inspiration

11. do something mindless – fold clothes, count inventory, pick up around the house, set the table

12. walk your dog

13. journal

14. sit outside and wave at your neighbors as they pass

15. meet a friend for dinner83d6c1e6f108641949504c70e59c1ddd

16. work out

17. make time for prayer

18. indulge in a little comfort food

19. create – play, write, dance, plant, grow, paint, build

20. engage your senses

21. feed the birds in your back yard00d77daf802b549738af97cd5d37c8d0

22. sit quietly on your front porch swing and be grateful for the peace

23. listen to funny old voicemails from the people who love you most

24. get outside – sunsets were meant to be savored

25. work on a puzzle

26. do something that’s reminiscent of easier days – do what makes you feel young, inspired, encouraged, refreshed, and free

27. make a list of all the places you want to visit 344734b39e554087b93280ccd3ccc270

28. go to the park

29. reorganize your office

30. remind yourself of God’s promises

31. go for a hike in the woods

32. clean out your car and go through a car wash

33. cuddle up, wrapped in your warmest blanket

34. ride a horse, visit a stable or barn – animals are healing

35. make your bed – “messy bed, messy head.”d3db7da7c6f9122f8044559f6c8ea45a

36. pick up a magazine and take time on each page

37. find “your spot” in your house and spend an hour doing “your thing”

38. rediscover oldies

39. count your blessings

40. selfishly do whatever you want to do – for a short while – then rally and join the rest of us.

Shake it off. It’s just disappointment. It’s an unmet expectation. You thought it would be different, but it’s not. Grieve the loss of your hopes and dreams as you once saw them and move on.

It will take time. But this, too, shall pass.

Learn to open your heart, for Love is on the way. Embrace the new normal. Treat each inconvenience as an adventure and mild set-back as a puzzle to be solved or an opportunity for laughter {remember this?}. Enjoy the journey and thank God for those He’s given to sojourn with you.


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