Who Do You Love? – Instagram

This is the third and final post in a social media series: Who Do You Love? Having talked about my favorites on YouTube and Pinterest, today’s social media site of choice is: Instagram.


Who Do You Love?

Instagram is a source of inspiration and creativity for me. I’ll group my favorite instagrammers by category and give a quick description of each. Click on each of them to view their beautiful images – after all, that’s what Instagram’s all about – to capture and share the world’s moments.


extremenature – step into a world of color with this National Geographic photographer, Mike Theiss.

nakedplanet – extreme places, animals, and people. Breathtaking photography by a collaborative collection of instagrammers, all of which are individually credited for each image.

doyoutravel – incredibly beautiful places that are usually water-centric. If you love blue water, oceans, rivers, lagoons, and waterfalls, this is the instagrammer for you – similar to nakedplanet, each photo is credited.

roamtheplanet – a lover of extreme-sports as well as extreme spots, this instagrammer’s photos run the gamut in terms of geographic location and color.

Christian Inspiration

instapray – exclusively Bible verses with Scripture references.

proverbsdaily – inspiration from Christian authors, quotes, and Bible verses.

pocketfuel – exclusively Bible verses with Scripture references on a background of beautiful images.

christian_worship – inspirational Christian quotes and encouragement.

Cool Places

weloveatl – rediscover this capital of the South through new eyes; weloveatl is bringing people together to tell simple and authentic photographic stories of their love for this city and its people.

london – when I get a sentimental longing for this city, london posts something that perfectly reminds of what we love and miss about this truly fantastic city.

australia – when I get wanderlust, this intsgrammer posts pics bursting with color and adventure of this far off land.

nyc – purely beautiful cityscapes like only the big apple can offer. Katja Sherlock’s unique perspective of living in and loving the city for all it’s grit and glory is a wonderful way to live vicariously.

jacksonhole – pictures of one of the most beautiful places on earth – with a countdown to ski season – for those of you who love the adventures of this teton village all year round.

Arty Dogs

andrewknapp – chronicles the life of Momo, a lovable border collie, and his master who tour the US in a yellow vw van. This well-trained dog is often posed hidden in a hide-and-seek style landscape with the playful hashtag #findmomo.

thiswildidea – this editorial style photography captures the lives of Maddie the coonhound and Theron Humphrey. Maddie can be posed in remarkable positions on or around an object – typically with her eyes closed.

girlwiththepeoplesizeddog – if you love soft, squishy Great Dane faces as much I do, this girl posts some of the sweetest and funniest pics around.


thenester – blogger at The Nesting Place and author of a book by the same title, Myquillyn Smith embraces the mantra: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. She posts all things home, decor, texture, color, DIY, and beautifully imperfect projects.

charlieblythe – the UK Director of A21 Campaign offers life lessons and encouragement alongside Biblical truths and insight. She and her husband also serve as pastors for Hillsong London – heading up Velocity; quite the power couple. {so proud of this sweet friend}

hopeheals – meet Jay and Katherine Wolf and their Hope Heals ministry. They are speakers and collaborators who’s story has taught them that #hopeheals, they’re #tooblessedtobebitter, and #dontwaittocelebrate.

annvoskamp – beautiful reminders of ordinary blessings. Writer, blogger, and speaker, Ann Voskamp’s instagram feed is filled with light, airy images and positive inspiration for everyday life.

anniefdowns – this amazing speaker, blogger, and writer is near and dear to me. She can speak to the single Christian girl’s heart like no other and is endlessly funny, compassionate, and kind.         Follow her. Follow her now.

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