augusta engagement

we had the very best time in augusta this weekend!  our families got to hangout for the second time (they met at our huntsville engagement party) and we got to play with old friends and new family. yay! some of my very favorite people were there: kathleen, hannah, coco, and maggie. and two of grant’s guys came too: michael and tony. it was awesome. plus my 89  year old grandmother made the journey (6 hours) from huntsville with my ‘rents! she got to chat it up with grant’s nana–they were, of course, instant bffs. we got tons of gifts. seriously, i’m not sure everything will fit in our cute little apt. but i can’t wait to set up our home and try!  grant and i just feel so loved and incredibly blessed.  i really couldn’t ask for more.  now i’m off to writing thank you notes for all the gifts…! xoxo

What are your thoughts?

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