bachelorette weekend

well. the bachelorette weekend at the lake with my faves was AWESOME! seriously. we had the best time. someor all of the following may or may not have happened: skinny dipping, jumping off the top of the dock, getting in the hot tub, counting shooting stars, playing a game i loved, playing a game i hated, getting stranded on the boat (so so funny!), hoppin’ on the jet ski, opening presents, dancing to rap music (omg… who knew that many white girls knew those lyrics. ha!), spending quality time with my girls, praying for me, grant, my job, and our future. all in all it was incredible. oh, and did i mention the food? mama carpenter really hooked us up! leen brought the food–coolers full of it! italian, breakfast casserole, sammiches, ridiculous dessert truffle thing (aka death by chocolate), petite fores (delish!), and chips… did we talk about the chips? we girls ate about a bag and a half a day… mary brought the alcohol and nida brought the cloves. don’t worry. it was awesome. the food was great and we had a blast. i felt so loved and blessed. i have the best friends in the world! thank you kathleen, hannah, ashley, nida, heidi, megen, carrie, and mary. and we missed you: maggie, steph, coco, emily, kelly, laura, alice, and lindsay. we’re SO having a lake reunion every summer. get ready!

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