inspire me

i need to be inspired, so inspire me. it’s not that i’m particularly under-whelmed or disappointed even, just un-inspired. i’m ready for fall. i’ve become disillusioned with summer. since working at this montessori school, i’ve decided a) i’m gonna have to be one heck of a better person (with more patience, kindness, etc) to have kids and b) summer’s way too short. when did that happen? when we were kids, summer seemed to stretch on and on and on. now we just work through the heat without a vacation or anything. lame. and kids. the kids are absolutely the worst. they don’t want to be there. we don’t want to be there and we certainly don’t want them there. we’re fighting a losing battle just by showing up each day.

i love fall. when its not 104 degrees of sweltering heat at dinner time (like it was at 6pm yesterday). when the clothes are the cutest–scarves, sweaters, corduroy jeans, jackets, layers and layers of wonderful softness. i love it! and it’s totally romantic. chill in the air makes you want to snuggle. football games (pray for night games) with your hunny bunny (or hubby!). camp fires and smores and hiking and playing at night. fire-flies and candles and cedar in the air. i freaking LOVE the fall. plus the leaves are changing and falling and the colors are amazingly beautiful. and my very favorite holiday of all time is in the fall: thanksgiving with all the love and family of christmas without the pressure or spending or finding “the right” present.

i think i just inspired myself: one last week of hell (aka montessori) and then starting my LAST semester of stupid grad school and THEN the very best of AUTUMN in all its glory and THANKSGIVING!!! yay! and then grant’s bday (the big 2-5!!! what?!) the day after thanksgiving. oh. much better. now i’m quite inspired and can continue without loathing everything between now and then. great! ttyl.

3 thoughts on “inspire me

  1. i love summer. but you got me excited for fall ๐Ÿ™‚ and as crazy as this may sound, i haven’t spent an entire “cold” season with zach haha. i miss ya’ll! i’ll be coming to atl sooon enough.

  2. wellll you inspired me too. now i love fall and hate summer. and ttyl…. priceless lucy. hahah i love reading your thoughts. when i read, it sounds like your voice in my head, and its comforting ๐Ÿ˜‰ miss you hunny bunny!

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