ok. so i’m babysitting ava, the cutest thing ever!!! and its great. our schedule is pretty awesome: watch 101 dalmatians, snack, play leapfrog’s leapster, snack, color, lunch [grant comes home for lunch! yay!], play hide-and-seek, snack, go to the pool, snack (you get the picture). anyway, when grant comes home, we have a great time. ava has a pretty amazing crush on him and loves to make him chase her around and pick her up, etc.

so yesterday grant and i decide to sing a camp song to teach ava–full on hand motions and butt-shaking involved. pretty sweet. in the middle of the song, ava jumps up on the bed, starts shaking her butt in a three-point position singing BABY GOT BACK! O.M.G. grant and i lost it. we couldn’t breathe when we finally peeled ourselves off the floor. and there’s ava, on the bed just shakin’ it, “i like big butts and i cannot lie, you other brothers cannot deny! mmm mmmm mmmmm mmm big thing in your face you get sprung!” it was amazing. her mom later told me that it’s on the shrek soundtrack. hehehehehhehehe. wow.

anyway. ava’s awesome.

oh, and since you asked, yes, we’ve now watched 101 dalmatians 5 times in 3 days. xoxox

One thought on “o.m.g.

  1. so are you still going to be waiting until 30 for a little one?? hehe.i’m on for twitter. i’ll sign up tonight 🙂 but the pool is calling my name right now!love you! and miss you!

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