my ode to academia

the world of academia is a total crock. i’m a little perturbed at present because the university of alabama dropped my schedule, cancelled my classes for the fall, and nearly dropped me out of fall enrollment. after a whole day of freaking out and calling the school, the dean, the secretary, my mama, and grant, i got two of my three classes back, and am hopeful to get the third (and REQUIRED class) by tmrw. here’s hoping.

O Academia
you are so full of it
you dropped all my classes
and left me with no exit.

O Academia
you really tick me off
and sometimes when i think of you
i laugh so hard i cough.

O Academia
I can’t wait ’till we’re through
but then again i might be back–
to law school! ‘touchet!’ to you.

that was so so bad, but it kinda perked up my stupid stressful day.

ps. anyone else hate school? anyone?

2 thoughts on “my ode to academia

  1. ummmm im right there behind you lucy! i had my first day of grad school today and i was really hoping to come home to you in the dorm with a roll of cookie dough ready to chow down. soooo think about it 😉 when you said law school i got butterflies in my tummy for you! love you!

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