classes and such

so my classes don’t totally suck. in fact, i found out by talking to many of my friends in the program who chose their classes based on content and professor (not by time slot) that the classes i picked haphazzardly are actually AMAZING. they’re with three professors that “everyone says” you’re supposed to take your last semester and “you’ll totally love”. yay. so God’s picture really is bigger than my time-slot-class-schedule. good to know.

i’m really excited about every single class. in one, students from last semester are on their way to being published (my next goal) and in another past students are presenting a presentation at national conferences (HUGE! and a good way to network and find funding for fun projects, etc). so i’m pumped. i’m gonna be the student they talk about next semester who…(fill in the blank)… [maybe if i’m lucky].

i’m exhausted, but the drive is not all that bad and gas is so cheap in tuscaloosa, grant and i are hoping the commute won’t put the incredible divot in our budget that we initially dreaded (again, God is good and so much bigger than our little stresses).

quick happy updates:
got to SEE NIDA WEDNESDAY. like face to face. in person. got to hug her neck and hangout on my bed chatting for hours like we did in college. loved it! my little nids! what a treat!

got to talk to ashers in the midst of her present chaos: mason leaving/ Fay distroying everything/ beginning grad school/ classes cancelled. she’s a blessing as always.

hopefully going to lunch with jen garrett friday (LOVE that possibility)

and having the altmixes over on monday!

broke bread with allison and drew last week and am hoping to catch up with many more friends very soon.

friends from germany are in town and grant and i are hanging with them at the LAKE this weekend! yay!

long time family friend mary catherine caldwell and her fiance syman stevens are having an ENGAGEMENT PARTY in huntsville this weekend, and we’ll be heading up from the lake to enjoy their company for the night, too. CONGRATS MIMI AND SYMAN! love yall!

grant’s cousin (and my own good-good-friend-turned-family) evan duggar, a freshman at clemson, is coming in town next weekend for the alabama-clemson game! i think it’s being played in the georgia dome! she’s bringing friends and we’re so excited! it’s like college all over again mixed with family! yay!

that reminds me, you should all come visit and play asap as well. and on that note, i’m out. between readings and driving 4.5 hours today, i’m exhausted [but excited]. peace.

What are your thoughts?

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