i am so incredibly thankful. i’m actually surprised as i look back on my journal the past 3 months to see what i’m thankful for. it seems that God is so good he’s turned what i expected to be bad into something i’m grateful for:

lucy’s expectation/ God’s reality:

13 weeks of commuting to tuscaloosa for school would suck/ i get to spend roughly 8 hours in two days listening to Rob Bell pod casts, praying, and talking to the ones i love most

gas prices would break our budget/ gas is 40 cents cheaper in tuscaloosa

grant signed us up for a bible study i knew nothing about/ i am totally in love with our new bible study, its leaders, and my wonderful husband

grad school would kill me/ so far so good and only 9 more weeks!

working and school would kill me/ love my job, love my hours [up to my discretion], love the money [more than we expected]

staying with people each week would put them out and be inconvenient/ i’ve LOVED having one-on-one time with some of my favorite people

work and school would take me away from grant/ we plan incredible intentional time, dates, and dinners with amazing quality time

the tight budget would kill us/ we get to cook together, eat together, play together

This newly-wed season has taught me so much about turning my expectations upside-down and being aware of what God’s doing without trying to make assumptions about what he’ll do next. I’ve never been happier; i have much to be thankful for.

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