linked in

as i was recently writing and researching web 2.0, i discovered more about the “business-world facebook” linked in. then, on my way home from tuscaloosa yesterday, i listened to rob bell talk about being connected, and i wondered: am i too linked in?

i have facebook, gmail, gchat, a blog, twitter, a cell phone, internet, text, voice mail. that’s quite a list of distractions. i love them all, but sometimes i’m on information overload. i need to just turn off my phone, stop checking the web, and just be–by myself and with people. i need to stop serving communication and just enjoy it. i need a time out. so tonight i’m doing just that. grant and i are having a date–he’s cooking for me! yay! i’m turning off my phone. i’m not checking the internet. and we’re coming back to some real QT. i can’t wait. i’ll come back to the infromation highway tmrw, i guess, but just for tonight, it’s like i’m not linked in.

What are your thoughts?

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