Ok. So. I have a confession to make: I might have a renewed addiction to… Dawson’s Creek.

I know. I know. But that’s so high school… and then we all watched that in college in between classes. In the past, right? Nope. I’m watching it all over again, reliving the teen angst, one dvd at a time. o.m.g.

Anyone else have a guilty pleasure? Annie, I know you love Reba, and girl, I love her too. Anyone else???

4 thoughts on “confession

  1. ummm my middle name is addiction when im supposed to be studying. my personal fave is grey’s anatomy. it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched the episodes in each series. they’re all still SO good to me. no shame.

  2. oh dear…embarrassing and old ready. Felicity. Whenever I feel like being chill and mellow…I just pop in one of those DVD’s and I will watch about 5 hours straight! I use to watch them in college…I felt that Felicity and I lived the same life (ha I even cut my hair short). Thankfully mine is somewhat minus the drama, but no matter how many times I watch those…they are still amazing! Im going to go put one in now..ha. It was GREAT seeing you this weekend!

  3. i love this. okay, where to start… i LOVE reba. as in,when my mom calls, a pic of reba comes up on my phone haha. and then, i love my nightly line-up on lifetime: will & grace, frasier, and of course, golden girls. love you šŸ™‚

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