books, weddings, and celebrations!

books: I am currently reading A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers and Love and Respect by Eggerichs. I picked up two other quick reads on sale today: a Mary Higgins Clark thriller and Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story. But I’m not so good with the scary ones. Suspence, thriller, murder mystery, deceit–all the good ones I can handle just fine…. But I don’t think I’m ready to read the Stephen King yet b/c I’m usually too scared to watch his movies… so I’m thinking… not ready to read his books…. Anyway, if y’all have read any of these, or have any other great reading suggestions, send them my b/c I love to read. seriously.

weddings: Scotty and Lindsay got married Oct 4th and it was gorgeous! so fun! and on the lake!! [my fave]
This weekend Andrew McCleskey and Allison Wise are tying the knot in Asheville, NC! can’t wait! Our neighbors will be newly weds and both of them will be living down stairs! yay! They’re having a beautiful outdoor wedding so pray for pretty weather. I have a feeling God has it taken care of.
Next weekend a childhood friend of mine–completely precious angel–Mary Catherine is getting married! we are so excited for her and are privaleged to be a part of things. We’re having her bridesmaids luncheon at our house the day before her wedding! so so great! and we are so so excited for them! I got to meet Syman a few times and he’s lucky to have our Mimi.

celebrations: I GET TO SEE HANNAH TMRW! how great is that?!?! Yes! Really and truly! for the first time since our wedding and the first time in person with her visible bump! I cannot wait!! two hours of uninterrupted lucy-hannah time. bring it on! There is much to celebrate: she’s pregnant and having a baby shower this weekend and a baby [Nile] in December, Aswan is signed and will be releasing an album soon [feb 2009-ish…???!!! i think?], I’m so close to being done with school I can feel it!, we are so so so remarkably blessed it’s ridiculous. Oh, and did I mention that my husband is AWESOME!

Looking forward to up-coming travels too: Asheville, NC this weekend with a quick stay with the Duggar clan in Greenville, SC friday night before the wedding on saturday; back to Huntsville the next weekend for Mary Catherine’s wedding; Grant’s off to Philadelphia for business [no, I don’t get to go…. 😦 ]; then finally Nida and I get to visit ASHLEY! can’t wait!!; then possibly visiting Hannah and Azzy before the birth of precious little Nile; then off to Tuscaloosa to graduate! praise the Lord! CANNOT WAIT!

these are very exciting times and we feel so very blessed to have the best friends and family to share it all with. love yall!!! xoxoxo

One thought on “books, weddings, and celebrations!

  1. A Voice in the Wind is soooo good! francine rivers is just plain awesome. that’s the first series i got mason to read, too. now he’s a reading maniac. tell marcus, hadessah, atretes and the others i say hello!

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