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I Am: a wife, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover of Jesus
I Have: all that i need. actually probably more than i need
I Think: constantly–i’m always in my head
I Know: where my treasure lies
I Dislike: ignorance
I Miss: my fam–esp precious stahler
I Fear: failure
I Feel: loved, blessed, happy, and content
I Want: peace
I Smell: grant even when i’m away each week b/c i put his cologne on my pillow
I Crave: dexter dvds. that serial-killer is awesome
I Cry: every once in a while. sometimes just because
I Usually: am contemplating the future
I Search: for jobs constantly, continually, daily, hourly, all the time
I Wonder: where we’ll be in 5 years
I Care: so much about family, traditions, love, seasons, and holidays
I Love: grant grant grant and of course, dane cook and Jesus
I Regret: not soaking up every minute at uga
I Always: search for the good in people or circumstances
I Worry: that i wont ever reach or respond to my full potential
I Am Not: excited about working in the ‘real world’
I Remember: my sweet granddaddy and our ‘dates’–lunch most fridays of my senior year in high school
I Dance: ALL the time, in public, alone, with music, without, all the time my heart sings and i dance
I Don’t Always: do anything
I Write: all the time. i love reading, writing, exploring words’ meanings in written form. words are all we have to discribe this life and all its beauty
I Win: nothing. incredibly unlucky
I Wish: everyone could feel what i feel as a newly wed. seriously, this is the greatest thing ever and i hope everyone is emersed lavishly in love at least once
I Argue: when i should conceed
I Listen: to better understand (but never enough)
I Lose: the backs of earrings
I Don’t Understand: why some people choose not to get better, not to change, not to heal
I Can Usually Be Found: with a good book and coffee out on our back porch
I Am Scared: to have children. that’s a lot to be responsible for.
I Need: love
I Forget: the hard parts of seasons and somehow remember mostly the good
I Am: grateful

One thought on “tag it!

  1. i loved this! are you still reading “a voice in the wind?!” i love it. read it twice. listened to it in my car once. ohhh sooo good 🙂miss you! we have got to see ya’ll over the holidays!!love you!

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