old and new


the most fun times you can remember: umm… getting married!! then of course the honeymoon!

your greatest flashes of creativity: scrap-booking, blogging… well kinda ;), and reading the twilight series–picturing the passion, love, and devotion, and creating a world where vampires and werewolves exist. it makes me want to write.

memorable things you heard people say: “God is sovereign to judge, the Holy Spirit convicts, and I am called to love”; “i do”

people you came to appreciate in a new way: Janice–i’ve decided to love her without expectation or want of anything in return. it’s incredibly freeing. if i approach her with nothing but love and place no expectation on her head to perform, it makes for an amazingly giving and compassionate relationship.

times that music touched you deeply: when visiting ashley in fla, we heard a praise choir sing. my favorite verse was from a song that emphasizes how much we all need each other. “i pray for you, you pray for me, i love you, i need you to survive, stand with me, agree with me, i need you to survive, it is His will that every need be supplied, you are important to me, i need you to survive.” amazing moment–ash, nida, you know what i’m talking about. oh, and this is really stupid, but taylor swift’s love story. grant text me a really sweet section of it and every time i hear it i think of him–lame, i know, but it gets me every time.

in what ways did you change? i learned a lot. a lot about me. a lot about grant. a lot about being married. and a whole lot about God.

things that books taught you: i’ve read more this year than ever before, but a few stand out: for women only, God wants to save christians, the twilight series, a voice in the wind, along with re-reading a few faves. each one has taught me more about myself and who i want to become. and ever single one has had something to say about love, being more conscious about loving grant the way HE needs to be loved. representing and describing bonds that last a life time and then some.

terms you would use to describe yourself in 2008: happy. content. satisfied. joyful.

your most significant accomplishments: graduating from graduate school with a 4.0! woohoo! glad to be done with that!

people who came through for you: God. grant. family. georgia (she loves me and she’s soft 😉 and my besties

ways you messed up: i wish i’d given Janice a better chance sooner. but it’s all in God’s time and purpose.

times that God took you by surprise: wedding day bliss and every day since. finding this incredible apartment that we’ve made into a home. mending my heart when i didn’t know i needed it.

if you were to give a title to 2008: “love and change”


what apprehensions do you have about the coming year? getting a j.o.b.–yeah… hope that works out…!

what journeys would you like to take? visit greece, scotland, ireland, back to new zealand for grant’s sake (it’s his fave), a mission trip abroad with grant, i also want to do a beth moore video study series, which should be quite a journey i’m looking forward to.

what daring and potentially thrilling things would you like to do? skydive. that’s gotta happen this year. and the whole mission trip to … hopefully africa… should be an adventure in so many ways

what would you like to change about yourself? i want to be more involved in this shelter we’ve discovered; the mission and outreach is intoxicating. they go out weekly. and i want to serve more. i want us to serve more.

who do you want to get to know better this year? God. grant. zach and steph. Nile. our small group. my future boss….

if 2009 is to have a title, what do you want it to be? “go. do. seek adventure”

what major things do you want to accomplish this coming year? better discipline in my quiet time, more love, more compassion.

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