new job


wait, but seriously. i love my job. it fits me so very well. it not only speaks to my master’s degree in about all that i do, but it is so perfectly matched with my bizarre need to draw order out of the chaos i’m quite ecstatic over the whole thing, really.

i don’t feel entry-level or bottom rung at all–tho i assure you, by all accounts (“salary” and job description) i am ;). i love the people i work for/ with. the three partners only come in a few days a week [sweet]. and while i was worried it would be stressful–implementing systems of organization into a jungle of case files–the systems are already in place, and the other secretaries need no convincing on my part about the need for change/ knowledge management. it’s awesome. i went in expecting to have to fight an uphill battle and here i am: coasting down a wonderfully underwhelming hill. let’s hope it stays that way.

plus the whole office has that “it’s-a-marathon-not-a-sprint-mentality” so no one works too hard/ too crazy/ too long. and when they get sick of one task, they put it aside and work on something else for a while. the time flew by and i was surrounded by different things to do all day long–never a dull [read: bored] moment. i love it.

we’ll see if this enthusiasm lasts, but i’m thinking i’ve somehow cheated the system and have it made… that is, of course, until i think about how much–how little i make 😉

in all seriousness: i love my job and life couldn’t be sweeter.

4 thoughts on “new job

  1. Luc, this is wonderful! Congrats! So nice to hear you are happy in your new work. God certainly does provide for us and we are so blessed! Thank you for your sparatic & encouraging comments on my blog–heart warming. Love!

  2. i am proud of you for getting that J O B. i also love being able to stay in bed for a little while longer while you are getting ready…boom. i am going to start getting up early with you though, but i gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Congrats on the job and glad to hear that you love it. But…if you ever decide you don’t love it…don’t post that on here. You never know who at work might read your blog. 😉Uncle Merrill

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