where am i

As I step off the train and onto the platform, I am surrounded by people. I meld into the flood of faces and feet as the wave of motion picks up. I hear several students speaking French and I note three veiled women conversing in a beautiful tongue, as colorful in sound as the garbs of their saris. As I mind a dirty sleeping man, I reach for a few dollars to give. Above the stench of urine and rain I can smell a small bakery opening its windows and doors. I search the fresh market and find two green apples for a mere handful of change–it’s the mart owner’s son’s birthday and I see a sign with a card autographed by the local regulars and smile. I thank him.

As I make my way across the street I appreciate the architectural diversity of old vs. new in the heavy marble buildings contrasted with the glassy sky scrapers. Taking a crunch out of one apple, I quickly cross diagonally to the park and observe the community: old, young, loud music, mid- and quarter-life crises, backpacks, suits, hobo packs, a side walk preacher, bikes, an empty police station, mopeheads, a saxophone playing jazz, fast cars, and a “keep of the grass” sign.

What place is this? Am I stepping off the subway in New York? the tube in London? the Metro in Paris?

No. I’m in my favorite little non-european European town: 5 points Atlanta.

I take Marta to work some days. I absolutely adore the eclectic mix of people and restaraunts in this area. So much is happening. I wonder–how did I not uncover this gem before?–as I pass a man preaching to a crowd about a march on Washington, a mother consoling her child, a life-size chess match, two men waiting side by side who would never stand beside each other again.

This is Atlanta–with all its guts and all its glory.

And 5 points at the heart of downtown is my favorite place to be.

6 thoughts on “where am i

  1. Oh, and the best part? In the words of Chris Tomlin: “Greater things are yet to come, Greater things have yet to be done In This City!”

  2. Hey, Luc. Just found your blog. Actually, Rose found it and told me about it. I like this story about Atlanta. Very well written. I could see and smell and hear and feel everything. Kewl.Uncle MerrillBTW, check out (one of) my writing blog(s): http//mlheath.blogspot.com

  3. beautiful writing lucy…you should write a book 🙂 (wink) i remember the exact feeling that you are describing. i spent a year and a half of my life in that exact spot…sadly, the crummy circumstances of my life during that time have overshadowed those good feelings, leaving me disenchanted with that city. so, thank you for reminding me… 🙂

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