one year in the direction of eternity

Having been married for a year (and some change), I decided to write a little bit about a few things I’ve learned. I hope to learn more and more forever–I want to be a student of my love 😉

trust his wisdom–he’s probably right, and even if he’s not, he knows that you trust him anyway

let him lead–when you don’t, you’re stealing a chance for him to develop into more of who is is, who he’s meant to be

indulge his dreams–you have to believe in him… even if it seems silly to you, if it’s important to him, it’s important

listen–always better to listen and hold your tongue

catch him doing good–look for ways to compliment and encourage him when reveals the goodness in his heart

seek out experience to share–things that you both love and can enjoy together

make dates–you only have so many weekends per year and so many sunsets, sunrises, roadtrips, and dinners to share in a lifetime

romance, romance, romance–i just found this quote ” you are the only legitimate source of romance in your spouse’s life”

have make-out parties–when was the last time you and your hubby just made-out for 30 minutes like you did in college? very fun.

be creative–dream together, plan together, share hopes and dreams for the future you share

leave notes for him to find–in his briefcase, in his lunch, on his desk, under his pillow, surprise him

believe in him–even if it doesn’t make sense, even if he may not succeed, it’s important to believe in who he is over what he does or wants

support him in all ways in all times–don’t undermine him, especially in front of his friends; things can be talked about candidly in private, but not in front of the guys

endure the ebbs and flows–the ups and downs will come, but you have to know that what you have together is more important

make time–quality time. just because you live together doesn’t mean quantity replaces quality–you need both

leave and cleave–pick him first, before family and before friends and make that clear to them and especially to him

treat him like a best friend–he is your bff

work together, play together–split up the chores and play list equally, then keep up your side of the bargain, without mentioning if/ when he doesn’t

put him first–humility/ submission is all about putting his deal above your deal–whatever it is, it’s more important b/c he’s more important to you than you are (self-less rather than selfish)

Any other thoughts, advice, knowledge… you know what to do::: post! xoxo

4 thoughts on “one year in the direction of eternity

  1. You've learned a lot in your first year together…we pray for many more years and lessons! You eloquently put the advice we give newlyweds/engaged couples in these words, “leave and cleave–pick him first, before family and before friends and make that clear to them and especially to him.” We tell them…”Remember who you come home to. You are your own brand new family – responsible to each other first.” We celebrate 7 years on Monday. Hope you're as happy at 7 years and 2 children (1 on the way) as we are!
    Blessings, Jana

  2. Thanks for sharing these sweet lessons. Hope you don't mind my commenting–I'm Steph's sister-in-law, and found your blog while reading her profile. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the anniversary, Luc! It's nice to see Ephesians 5 resonating in this post–Biblical principles applied to your marriage bring you endless blessings! Lots of love, 🙂

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