i just answered my last question

non-christian bands speak the words of my heart all the freakin time.
1-i LOVE september! and all things Autumn
2-i LOVE james taylor christian, non-christian, or otherwise–the man’s a genius (and kinda cute šŸ˜‰

if solomon had song of songs/ song of solomon; (whitman and) i have songs of myself. here’s one:

September Grass–James Taylor

Well, the suns not so hot in the sky today
And you know I can see summertime slipping on away
A few more geese are gone, a few more leaves turning red
But the grass is as soft as a feather in a featherbed
So Ill be king and youll be queen
Our kingdoms gonna be this little patch of green

Wont you lie down here right now
In this september grass

Oh the memory is like the sweetest pain
Yeah, I kissed the girl at a football game
I can still smell the sweat and the grass stains
We walked home together. I was never the same.
But that was a long time ago
And where is she now? I dont know

Oh, september grass is the sweetest kind
It goes down easy like apple wine
Hope you dont mind if I pour you some
Made that much sweeter by the winter to come

Do you see those ants dancing on a blade of grass?
Do you know what I know? thats you and me, baby
Were so small and the worlds so vast
We found each other down in the grass

Wont you lie down with me right here
September grass
Wont you lie down with me now
In this september grass

What are your thoughts?

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