Should’ve posted all this weeks ago… but here it is:
[pics to follow]
We went to the City Nov 13-17th and it was incredible–our first time going together. Very sweet for many reasons.

First things first: Shows:
We saw the Rockettes in the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular on opening day and it was FANtastic (thanks, Gma for the tickets!)! We were happily surprised by the quality and caliber of the show. Wow. Also, they had a full Nativity with camels, sheep, donkeys, and other animals! They read from the Bible about the birth of Christ–wow–and portrayed it in such a moving way. I had no idea that a show that receives so much coverage and visibility would even discuss the True Meaning of Christmas. Grant and I just kinda sat there afterwards thanking God that His message will be spread, even when we don’t anticipate how or when or through what means. Praise God. We also saw Wicked! Which is always a favorite! Grant had never seen it and it was great to experience it anew with him. We both laughed and [I] sang along. It was a great shared memory. What a story of love, friendship, ambition, salvation, redemption, and escape. Loved it.

Everything Else πŸ˜‰
There is skating at Bryant Park and at the Rockefeller Center (I was too tired to partake, but it was beautiful to watch). I ate lunch with Sara Dotts Barley (a friend from high school, now a newly wed on the upper east side) at Republic @ Union Sq West. The Barnes and Noble on the Square is amazing and their headquarters is just around the corner–very cool if you’re into books and happy places to read… which I am πŸ˜‰ I also got to meet up with Lindsey Beth Medlen–another friend from high school who is currently starring in the Off-Broadway hit “High School Musical” as Sharpay! We ate in Midtown @ Brooklyn Bagels (the majority of which are NOT in Brooklyn). Great to catch up, as usual. The Village is always fun and young with great quick bites to eat an they’ve just finished up some work on Washington Sq Park–which is where I spent an afternoon, hanging out, reading, and sitting in the sun soaking up NY like a local. Central Park is magical, as always (post-Giuliani). We walked across the bridge (and thought of Brandon proposing to Kathleen), heard a saxophone player, and saw a woman doing yoga in the middle of a wayward path. We also went over to the West Entrance and crossed the street into the American Museum of Natural History (amnh.org). We were amazed at the sea life, Africa and Asian wild life and, of course, the dinosaurs. Plus, the ticket price is “suggested” so we went for a dollar each! Amazing 4 floors of unparalleled excellence (I’m a museum geek, what can I say?).

This trip was different for me b/c I took on nyc like a new yorker more than a tourist to see what life would really be like. We were trying to decipher whether or not law school would take us to the Big Apple. So we spent time eating at local digs, spending time in several parks, walking the brooklyn bridge (gorgeous), visiting the birthplace of TRoosevelt, the NYPublicLib, and exploring the Flatiron district. In fact, I fell in love with Gramercy Park and that whole area. Wow. Perhaps some day… It was great! I certainly had a blast, despite mono, though. That was a major plus.

We’re not sure where law school will take us–or even, if we’ll both go–but we’re prayerfully considering all our options, which, praise God, we have many of despite the recession. It was a wonderful trip with memories made together and I got some time to myself while Grant was working Monday and Tuesday to explore the city, mill around, do and see what I wanted to and spend time however I saw fit. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Ps. I have married the best man in the world. Thank God for Grant. He was a real trooper for traveling with me and mono. Marrying him is the highlight of my life. Thanks for making this trip great, babe. Love you.

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  1. ok. the pics on my phone are not loading well and that's the main source of “proof” that we actually went πŸ˜‰ so don't hold your breath for pictures! lucy

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