circus circus

Last night Grant and I went to the “Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Greatest Show on Earth: Zing Zang Zoom“–AMAZING.

We saw dogs do BACK FLIPS (35 of them), horses and zebras DANCING on hind-legs (15 of them), elephants doing HEAD STANDS and dancing on 2 legs (front and back, alternately–11 of them), tigers HOPPING on two feet like bunnies and jumping through obstacle courses together (12 of them), and two women shot simultaneously through the air from a double-barreled canon; a magician made an elephant disappear, changed a man into a live tiger, cut several people in half, and levitated 4 adults; tiny chinese acrobats flew through the air with the greatest of ease and built pyramids on top of each other’s contorted bodies (crazy!); there were clowns, dancers, cheerleader, tight-rope-walkers, stunt men, and two guys in the “wheel of death” (if you’ve seen it before, you know what I’m talking about-wow!). It was incredible. Best Christmas/ V’day present ever. and our seats were perfect for seeing, singing, interacting, dancing, and actively participating in the audience 😉

life. is. good.

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