Time Out

I swear I’m almost finished with this study on Revelation. It has been a long but beautiful process and I have certainly found joy in the journey (even if you, dear reader, have not. ha!)

Just a quick update on things, since I haven’t written a “personal” post, per se, in a while.

1. I went to Huntsville last week and was supposed to stay Sun-Tues, come home, then travel back with Grant and Georgia for Easter. That didn’t happen. I did have a great time celebrating Camille’s engagement on Sunday and a “twin mom lunch” for a friend on Monday–though neither me or mama are mothers of twins, it was fun getting several such moms together and laughing at stories and sharing experiences for 3 or 4 solid hours of glorious girl time πŸ˜‰

But I was all packed up to go home Tuesday and decided to get my oil changed before the long ride back to Atlanta. I found out that my car was leaking transmission fluid… LONG story short, they told me that with parts and labor it would total about $750 bucks, “give or take”!?!?! What does that even mean, btw, when a mechanic tells you that? Anyway. Since I bought my suv in Huntsville, I decided to drop by the dealership–PRAISE THE LORD!–they said it was a recently listed “recall” and they would handle ALL of it for free!! So ended up staying in Huntsville (with dirty socks and repeat outfits) all week. God is good.

2. Since I had no car and pretty much rode around with mama all day everyday, running errands and such, I bounced along for a random dermatologist appointment she had. As they were doing the basic annual check up on her, I said, “Hey, what about this?” about a spot on my chest, to which they said “Hmmmmm…”

They biopsied my mole on the spot and the test results came back indicating that my “atypical nevus” [aka: “funny looking mole”] had a mild case of pre-cancerous melanoma cells in it. As I told my family in an email earlier this week: “This is not a big deal. Focus on the words PRE and MILD.”

God is so good that He orchestrated a bizarre set of circumstances to be sure we caught this thing when we did–I mean how ridiculous and awesome is His hand in this story???

I have a consult set up with a pro @ Emory April 26th when we’ll hopefully schedule a quick surgery shortly thereafter. I am meanwhile praying for complete healing and that if surgery has to happen, that it would be a testimony to God’s power and grace–revealing no more pre-cancerous anything on the final biopsy. Amen!

3. Grant and I had a WONDERFUL Easter with family and friends!! We had the BEST time hanging out with Gma, mama and daddy of course, Stahler, and cousin Alice. Lots of down time with plenty of love for the Lord and expecting and embracing resurrection in our lives. We also [FINALLY] got to meet and play with Noah Catherine–precious beyond words–and spend some much-needed QT with Chandler and Sarah… So much so that we hung out at the Overcashes till 3am! and got to bed around 4am the night before Easter Sunday. It was really great, though, and I was surprisingly not tired ;). We crawled back into Atlanta after 11:30pm Sunday night, unpacked, and repacked.

4. Grant and I went to the MASTERS!! We got practice round tickets for Tuesday, so we got to have a brief visit with his sister Kelly, b-i-l John, and our baby niece Noel, as well as his parents. It was short but sweet and we got to see several pro golfers! Very exciting–they interact so much more with the crowd than I expected! My new fave is Westwood–I’ll be looking for him this weekend during the real deal championship. Tiger on the other hand–I hope he chokes. I know that’s mean, and perhaps un-Christianly of me, but I hope his professional life suffers from his poor personal life; I hope he’s not so entirely made of stone that he can simply harden himself to the stuff he’s brought on himself personally to perform well professionally. whatever. who knows. I was never much of a Tiger fan anyway, being from Bama and all πŸ˜‰

5. Coco and I are going to the LAKE this weekend! Grant is out of town on a Bachelor weekend for Matt Hayes Thursday-Sunday, so Coco and I are headed to the lake to meet up with mama and daddy Friday night (tmrw) as soon as she gets off work! woot! Can’t wait! Anytime spent at the lake is precious time and having a bff there with me is icing on the cake! We’ll probably stop by a friend’s baby shower in Huntsville, then maybe skip up to TN on our way home to meet up with Nids Sunday night!!–we’ll see. still working out the details.

That’s about it for now.

Still kinda looking for a job, but I love my prayer groups on Wed and Thursday–like LOVELOVE them!–and my ladies’ bible study Friday mornings, so life is good and I’m growing by leaps and bounds spiritually until God provides a j.o.b. I certainly can’t complain.

It looks like we’ll be in Atlanta for another year–signing our lease (hopefully) tmrw or Monday–and I’m slowly coming around to receiving that reality with open arms. Things are good and God is great! It will be nice when Grant and I are slowed down and bit and get to spend more time together at home–rather than being gone every weekend, sometimes apart during that time.

We are excitedly planning our 2 year anniversary (can you BELIEVE it???!!!) so if you have any fun ideas, vacation spots, or favorites, leave a comment!!!

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