friends and family,

We have so much to blog about. We’ve been to Italy. We’ve travelled with some REALLY great people. We took some really great pics. So so much.

But for now, what’s more important than blogging about any of that is telling you about a new addition to our family–moving in Friday!

VERY long story short–through a series of emails that found their way to my boss, Grant and I heard about a functional orphan who needed a place to live for a year or so. Without revealing too much of his story, he’s been living with his aunt and uncle since his dad died two years ago, and the living situation has been… let’s say, less than ideal.

He LOVES the Lord, is smart with good grades, and has a grateful heart. When he could be rebellious, angry, and closed-off, he is respectful, sincere, and open. That’s what happens when Jesus steps in–our God is mighty to save. Praise the Lord. I know it will be tough at times and a bit different for me and Grant, but my goodness we’re excited about him moving in!!

We said ‘yes’ before we had met him (which was Monday) and I have to tell you: God created a whole room of love in our hearts for him. This is one of those things that you ‘think’ you’re helping someone else, but really that other person is showing you more of Jesus than you could’ve ever imagined.

We are just happy to have the opportunity to respond to this situation in obedience. This kid is AWESOME! We’re glad to share our life and love with him. You can pray for him by name–Evan. He’s moving in Friday!!!!!!!!!
[we’re a LITTLE EXCITED if you can’t tell ;)]

We’re certainly not the only ones doing this. Many of our friends are fostering kids, adopting, and making room in their homes and hearts for a new generation of God’s children. We’re just glad to be a part of a community of believers who take God at His word and react in obedience. We are surrounded by such a cloud of witness. Thanks, God. We’re certainly not celebrating the road that brought him here, but Lord, we are ECSTATIC that we are privileged enough to be in his life and create a home and family for him with us. Amen!

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