So much to say…..!!!!

Can’t write much now. Still processing. But a few highlights were tweeted. My top 3 were Beth Moore, Francis Chan, and Craig Groeschel. Beth and FranChan pack so much power in the punch because they preach the Word of God; the scripture-heavy, revelation inspiring, depth revealing, overwhelming (in a GREAT way) talks they give leave you full to the brim and yet yearning for more.

Craig’s talk today could be the pivotal conversation of our generation–explained and examined in a way that brought power and peace, might that comes from the Spirit and humility that comes from obedience, boldness that comes from the Hope we have in Jesus and a beseeching that comes only out of a heart ruled by love.

To say that it was powerful would be a gross understatement.

To say that it marked the end of something in the Church in America that will not be missed and the beginning of something that may never be replaced is closer to target.

Trust me. God is good. God is faithful. He is still sovereign. He is still speaking. and perhaps, most importantly: HE IS STILL MOVING IN THIS NATION.

Amen. [more to come!]

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