Today G and I headed to Athens for the day just to remember and enjoy one of our favorite cities together again. It did not disappoint. We headed straight into town, and after the requisite drive through of Pineview and then the KD House, we made a bee-line for Amici’s (my very favorite little Italian place) in the heart of downtown. We had mozzarella sticks and tortellini (amazing) and were joined by the lovely Maggie H before exploring more of our old haunts. We strolled across the street and checked out the deals in Masada (few and far between, if I do say so myself). We browsed looking for water-proof gear for our upcoming trip, but found their collection of (affordable) options lacking. So we made our way to the Grille for a milk shake before we and Maggs parted ways at the Arch. {Always a pleasure to spend time with you, presh.}

Grant and I walked under the Arch and made our way across North Campus, taking a few pics along the way. I just love Herty Field (the fountain was iced over, but my foot still throbbed a little anyway due to the close proximity and long memory of freshman year). It was peaceful and campus was all but deserted with the lingering ice and snow and Monday off for holiday. We visited my beloved Park Hall and snapped a few in front of Terry before meandering through the SLC (now the ZMLC: Zell B. Miller Learning Center… whatev… SLC forever) and Tate 2–crossing the road to view a snow-covered Sanford Stadium (still glorious). As we walked back to North Campus and our car, we reminisced about college, school, and what it was like during our time at UGA together and before we’d met. It was perfect.

We drove past St. James UMC and Drew and Nat’s first house–now the youth building–where we all hung out so much (too much, probably) during their first year of marriage. We stopped by Kinnucan’s where there was a much larger selection of affordable gear, but nothing that worked for us. We did find a new Eno hanging seat that was amazingly comfortable… maybe we’ll get that later. Anyway, after driving by all our favorite places–and gawking at the changes (how could life possibly go on without us in Athens??)–we joined Benji and his gf Kristen and Wart (aka Josh) for dinner at Senor Sol. It’s so fun to be in on the hip new restaurants again in Athens when you have fun young friends still living there. The food was delish and quite authentic.

We headed back and had a playlist ready when we hit 316–all the songs that reminded us of life in Athens. It was a truly perfect day, remembering a pretty fantastic season of life. Every time we go back we wonder what it would be like to live in Athens again… who knows. But visiting is very fulfilling (for now, anyway 😉

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