Meet Patti

{Pat speaking at church}

{Pat singing and Larry dancing}

{Pat and Larry}

{Pat with grandbaby Charlotte}

10 Things I love about Pat–

10. She’s beautiful! Are you kidding me? Her good looks are matched only by her sincere heart. She gives generously of all that she has–time, money, awesome cooking ability, wisdom… you name it. She’s got it and she’s sharing it.

9. She loves Jesus. A Lot.

8. She loves her kids and family–there’s such strength in lovely something dear so deeply.

7. She gives great advice.

6. She’s my spiritual mama here in the city.

5. She loves prayer. She gets this: “not by might or strength but by the power of the Spirit” [Zechariah 4:6]

4. She knows scripture, and–get this–she really believes it.

3. She is somehow the wonderful combination of a meek and mild precious spirit mixed with a boldness and confidence in Christ, with 2 parts Baltimore and 2 parts Atlanta.

2. She makes me laugh. [and on occasion, cry, but the good kind of tears].

1. She gives really great hugs–the kind that wrap you up and make you forget where you are for a minute. And she never lets go first.

I love her very much.

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