Intralase LASIK

Today I will be given new eyes, Lord willing. I’m pretty pumped. They have this new technology which makes Intralase a “bladeless” procedure. I think the idea is that they use air pressure to separate tissues, rather than having a blade cut through the eye tissues. Whatever. I try not to think about all that too much. It should be quick and painless (15 min per eye!) and I should have 20/20 or better vision TOMORROW! For someone with eyes as bad as mine (-4.00, -4.75) that is good news, my friend.

Click here to see where I’m getting it done and here for an explanation of what it is (it’s not gross, I promise; I wouldn’t be able to post it if it were). Pretty awesome!!

Mama and Grandmama are coming to play with me for the next few days and then I’m headed to TN/KY to play with Steph!! Can’t wait!

More on the results after my 1:00 procedure!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Intralase LASIK

  1. yah for new eyes! if i had eye problems i'd have the surgery done in a heartbeat, i think it is such a miracle that doctors are able to give your vision back!

    i'll say a prayer for you and your recovery!

  2. Hi Lucy! I had the exact procedure done about 9 months ago. It…is…awesome, and the folks at Woodhams will take good care of you. It's amazing, because you will be able to see the next day. Let me know if you have any questions afterward. I saw star bursts around lights at night for a while, but it went away.

    I call my “Eagle Eyes” now!

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