Steph Underwood is my hero.

She’s pretty great. Those of you who know her probably know how smart and gorgeous and kind and generous she is, but you may not know what a joy she is to be with–just be with. She’s incredibly easy to be with. And I’ve found that this is a rare and beautiful trait.

There are people you enjoy lunching with, or just having coffee and a quick catch up. There are others that you enjoy in a deeper more intimate setting, like a bible study or church. There are some you look forward to seeing weekly–and perhaps others that you’d rather enjoy in smaller doses. There are people you love to travel with or spend weekends with; there are some you want at your parties because they’re fun and others you’d prefer for more laid back times because they are ok with being still and allowing the conversation to lull into comfortable silence.

Steph is that rare breed that you want in all of the above mentioned circumstances.

I love her very much and am eternally grateful for her friendship.

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