Beatles Love Song Trivia – Answers!

Here they are!

1. Because
2. All You Need is Love
3. All My Loving
4. And I Love Her
5. Dear Prudence
6. Do You Want to Know a Secret
7. Don’t Let Me Down
8. Eight Days a Week
9. Good Day Sunshine
10. Got to Get You Into My Life
11. Hallelujah! I Love Her [this was originally written by Ray Charles, but is performed by the Beatles on Anthology 1… tricky tricky]
12. Hello Little Girl
13. Here, There, and Everywhere
14. I Saw Her Standing There
15. I Want to Hold Your Hand
16. I Will
17. It Won’t Be Long
18. Like Dreamers Do
19. Love Me Do
20. Real Love
21. She Loves You
22. She’s a Woman
23. Something
24. The Word
25. The End

And here’s a helpful article about the songs of the Beatles. Enjoy!

PS: As a replacement for #11, here’s a bonus round:

a) When it gets dark I’ll tow your heart away

b) Silly girl
Take a good look around you
Take a good look you’re bound to see
That you and me
Were meant to be
For each other
Silly girl

c) I may appear to be imperfect
My heart is something you can’t reject
I’m changing faster than the weather
If you and me should get together
Who knows baby
You may comfort me
I want that love of yours
To miss that love is something I’d hate
I’ll make an early start
I’m making sure that I’m not late

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