Weekend Update

This weekend was crazy busy but filled with fun.

Friday Grant and I headed to the lake – moved a dresser and lots of clothes (no more packing to take off to the lake! we have stuff there permanently!) We woke up, got in the hot tub in the early morning grey, over looking the water – perfection.

At Grandmama’s house in Athens, we found some photos of Mama and Daddy in college – so fun! – some letters from Granddaddy to Grandmama during the War – priceless – and other memorabilia from mine and Stahler’s childhood – precious. All in all, we worked a lot, played a lot, and laughed a lot.

Back in Huntsville and showered, we 5 visited Grandmama at Big Springs before heading to dinner at Watercress – delectable! – where we celebrated both Stahler’s and Mama’s birthdays (March 7th and April 4, respectively).

My longtime friend, Tinsley Davidson, is getting married! To help her celebrate, Grant and I attended an engagement party in her honor on Saturday night.

Isn’t she lovely?

We think so, too!

The party was lovely and we got to see a bunch of old friends and reconnect with several family friends I hadn’t seen in ages.

Sunday morning we went to my parent’s Sunday School class and heard Mark Stearns speak about a local mission opportunity. Lincoln Village is a rough patch of Huntsville that one could never know exists, never know needs help, never know could be redeemed. It’s awesome and I completely support what they’re doing. Check it out – they are truly being Christ’s hands and feet on this one: http://www.lincolnvillageministry.com/Home.html

After lunch and seeing Grandmama again, my friend Emily had a baby shower for her soon-to-be son, Lochlan Edward {I love that name. lovelovelove it!}. We had the best time.

I gave her the Anthropologie pop-up book: The Little Prince. It was Em’s favorite in high school French.

Loch will certainly be a little, awesome, rough-and-tumble prince.

So that was our packed-to-the-max weekend.
Huntsville still feels like home.

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