Secrets: Part 3

There’s a lot to being known—really, truly, on a deep and intimate level being known. But that usually only happens in a very few relationships over the span of a lifetime and under the veil of mutual trust and intimacy.

Facebook, twitter, blogs, and other social media would like you to believe otherwise: “Share every detail of your entire life with everyone—immediately!” it screams.

But you and I know better.

What would you rather discover: the details of everything your friend ate last night on her facebook status; yet another link shared by your friend on twitter; the announcement of a big event in your friend’s life—complete with pictures—on her blog; or a quiet conversation with your friend that no one will probably ever know about, discussing the details (big and small) of a piece of her life that very few others may ever get?

My friend Ben Reed already said it: blogging’s not cool anymore; too many people are saying too many things.

The speakers at Catalyst said it: slow down and quit posting your life before it happens.

Beth Moore said it at the Deeper Still conference: (re)learn the art of treasuring things in your heart (Luke 2:19, 51b)—don’t give the things meant to be treasured away to the noise and chaos of the world.

And now I’m saying it: there are secrets worth seeking out, hidden treasures, worth discovering—there are truths that God alone allows us to find.

I would rather know the well-kept secrets of a few good friends than the minute-by-minute life of a once-friend. Secrets grab something inside of us. Knowing that there’s more – if only you could seek it out – makes you more involved than you would be otherwise; makes you invest more, care more, listen more. I think that’s the point – and that’s why “it gives God glory” to keep secrets.

Grant and I have a secret (no, we’re not pregnant). A few good friends will know it and the rest may discover it after the fact.

What conversation are you dying to hear?

What secrets of God are you seeking out?

Do you have secrets that only you and your friends/family treasure in your heart?

One thought on “Secrets: Part 3

  1. Great post here, Lucy! You are absolutely on point. Social media gives this false sense of “knowing” others. But the reality is that we're typically sharing only the cool, funny, and edgy things about us. Not the real, raw, gut-wrenching secrets. And to be honest with you…I'm probably not going to share those secrets with social media. And I, like you, would advise people not to!

    Oh, and anytime I can be quoted alongside the great Beth Moore, it's gonna be a good week…

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