Royal Wedding: Lords and Ladies

Hello all! I’m not as obsessed as some people about the Royal Wedding this Friday… but, ok, I am a little excited. This doesn’t happen every day; it’s making history!

Mama sent told me about you have to have a Lord/ Lady name to attend as Gentry, so here’s the formula:

Lord/ Lady
+ {a name of a grandparent}
+ {the name of your first pet}
+ hyphen
+ {the name of your first street address}

Mine could be one of the following:

Lady Lucille Lexi-Caplewood

Lady Mary Lexi-Caplewood

Stahler’s could be one of the following:

Lord Herman Sasha-Greenwyche

Lord William Ledbetter Sasha-Greenwyche

Mama’s would be:

Lady Beulah Fiddles-Madison

Pretty fun! What’s yours??

What are your thoughts?

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