26 years and none the wiser

Today’s my 26th Birthday!

Here are the birth announcements that my Mama made by hand and sent out from our home in Alaska 26 years ago.

My daddy was an Air Force pilot flying A-10s (as pictured) and Mama was a teacher.

A lot has changed since then, but a lot has stayed the same: love, family, hope, joy, and faith.

2 thoughts on “26 years and none the wiser

  1. that is absolutely the most amazing birth announcement i've ever seen!
    happy birthday, belated! it was my last week of grad school (ever) so the 3rd came and went without me noticing its passing! hope you had a great one. (although it would be even sadder if i sent you a message and forgot about it already. that's that kind of week it's been.)

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