3rd Annual Celebration of Marriage

Today marks 3 years of wedded bliss for me and Grant – and it has been awesome. If I could sum up our love in one word it would be: adventurous.

We just came back from 2 weeks abroad and as we explored the Republic of Ireland and the South of England, I just had to marvel at how blessed I am to have him. We’d be on a train or in a car or on a plane, and it would hit me: I get to spend the rest of my life with this guy. He’s so easy to be with.

There’s a comfortable kind of love that comes with a deepened intimacy that only gets sweeter with time.

Sure, in the beginning who doesn’t love the butterflies and jitters that come with new and uncharted territory? But as that season passes, and a new one takes its place, there’s a lasting peace and an abiding joy that comes with knowing each other – and being known – on a cellular level and a cosmic one.

This new phase is more of finishing each other’s sentences, reading each other’s minds, and sharing a whole paragraph in a quick glance or tiny gesture. There is a oneness that I wouldn’t trade for all the butterflies in the world!

And yet…

The one who swept you off your feet can do it again and again. He can still surprise you. And when he does, all the jitters and butterflies come flooding back in a heady mixture of together-forever and who-knows-what’s-next.

There may be nothing more precious than dancing bare foot together in the kitchen in the dark.

Grant: I’ve always loved you and I always will.

3 thoughts on “3rd Annual Celebration of Marriage

  1. Congrats to you two, Lucy! 🙂 We're approaching year three as well, and reading your post really resonated with me! You describe the deepened but still not married for decades yet kind of love well 😉 and it sounds like y'all had a splendid vacation! Wow! Two weeks together, alone, in Europe?! I'm envious 🙂 blessings and best wishes!

  2. Nice article Lucy and congrats on your three years of marriage. I saw your loving husband this past weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to see you as well… Hope all is well, and I bet you're getting excited about moving to the other side of the pond, eh?

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