24 Days

We’re leaving Atlanta in 24 days.

It’s so weird to think that we’ve been here for over 3 years – Grant’s been here for over 4! We have had the very best friends one could ask for and have had a community that is like family in this sprawling metropolis. We have started our careers here, we’ve started our lives together as young newly-weds. We have found two churches that we have loved and a small group that will forever hold a piece of our hearts.

It has been quite a journey.

But this time is quickly coming to an end. 24 more days here. We’re making the most of it, seeing the people we really want to spend time with. Living in the present while making arrangements for the future. We’ll leave here July 31st, then spend one week in Augusta with Grant’s family and a week in Huntsville with mine. Then, Lord willing and the VISAs come through in time…

We’ll be moving to London August 16th!!

We’re pretty excited about it. The whole process has been absolutely super-natural. This will forever be a testament to God’s grace and power and provision in our lives and we will always look back and say, “Look what God did on our behalf.”

The Basics:

Who: Lucy and Grant
What: Moving to London
When: August 16th–??? (we’re hoping the UKBA grants us VISAs for 18 months… we’re also hoping to extend that later… but we’ll see!)
Where: London, England (we’ll be foreigners and will have to learn all the lingo!)
Why: grad school and life adventure – why not?!

Grant will be getting his MBA from the internationally ranked Hult International Business School (the international business is 5th in the world, according to the latest Financial Times). I’m super proud of him and pumped to embark on this learning experience together!

I will be getting an MA in Publishing Studies from the City University London School of Journalism (google it. I’m psyched at all the press it’s received lately!). So that’s about it… just finalizing the last of the VISA paper work and sending it off this week!

Pray for the process.
Pray for our families.
Pray for our future home and community.
Pray for our classes and schedule as we make time to explore our new city and take time for us.
Pray for our marriage, that it would infinitely strengthened through the whole deal.
Pray for our minds, that they would be awakened to school work again.
Pray for our hearts, that they would be opened to new faces, places, and cultures.
Pray for our souls, that they would be completely in-tuned with the leadings of the Holy Spirit and that we would remain desperate for more of Him.

What are your thoughts?

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