Conversation without Words

It’s been a little heavy on here lately – rightfully so with the move and all, but still. This is just a fun bit from the concert we went to last night at the Tabernacle.

We heard the John Butler Trio – a fanciful, funky, hippie jam band with roots in banjo and appalachian picking. To say that these guys are immensely talented would be an understatement and they put on a great show.

All that to say, I dont know if he loves Jesus, but he has the love part nailed. He gets it. He has this song, titled Ocean, he introduces with this:

“This is a song that says everything I believe about the world and Australia and you and me and the future and love.”

Ocean is an instrumental.

It was a conversation without words and it was beautiful. And if you listen to it – it’s a happy, complex song – you’d pick up on his worldview. And as I’m thinking about this, hearing it live last night, I think, how amazing would it be, if we – if I – approached life in the same way: conveying our worldview without words but in a way that all nations hear it and receive it.

That could change everything.

{PS. John Butler also said things like we were a love generator and that the energy in this place is electrifying… He also may or may not have used air quotes around the words “their reality” in reference to the matrix we’re escaping as we create our own reality… He discussed world politics, religion, honored the soldiers of all flags, and pretty much covered everything in a few short hours. He closed with an attack on big oil saying they need to get their needles out of the arm of beloved Australia and get their fix elsewhere, as they seek to draw out the life blood of mother earth for profit. Just sayin’. But last night rocked.}

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