Technically, this is not a new post… I’m just sharing a blog I love and what I’m learning through it – what I want to remember from it:

“But it’s not those occupational demands or our circumstances that make our days crazy or calm. I’m beginning to realize that peace and simplicity is a choice, not something that is handed to you—or not.

It’s in the attitudes I choose, the inspiration I uncover or ignore, the priorities and thoughts and conversations I pick to fill those moments and those hours that make the majority of my days, and—essentially—who I am.”

Identity and knowing Who’s you are – Who you belong to – makes all the difference. I learned this simple truth as a 19 year old study-abroad student in the South of France:

You can be miserable anywhere – under the best of circumstances. You can happy anywhere – in the worst of circumstances.

Contentment is a choice.

I’ll leave you with this from Pinterest (my new fave):

Knowing who you are – and Who’s you are – makes all the difference in the world.

What are your thoughts?

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