London Life

Life is busy but oh so good. We just got done with church: Hillsong London. The worship is amazing and I think we may have found our church home here. At least for now. 

Pics are hard to share because I’ve used up my allocated Internet usage for the MONTH on my phone and we won’t have Internet at our flat until MID-September…! But I’ll do my best to show you the before and after of our little place as soon as I can!

Life is so different here, but were taking each day and every experience as a gift from God to learn more about this curious little corner of the globe. Historically speaking, so much of the American government, mindset, and Anglican/ Episcopal church came from over here, there is MUCH to learn and observe… And were not even in school yet!

London with its 13 million people is truly a melting pot of language, culture, religion, philosophy, color, and ideas. It’s all fascinating really–if you hold it up to the light and look at it from the right perspective: Choosing joy and embracing the little daily difficulties with a smile, knowing that our lives are being changed and molded by each of them in great and tiny ways that we may never know but will forever appreciate. 

Life is so good and God is so faithful. What more could one ask for??

2 thoughts on “London Life

  1. I'm writing from an iPhone with autocorrect thoroughly muddling everything. I apologize for inconsistent spelling and a certain lack of apostrophes differentiating “were” and “we're” — fear not. I do know the difference. In all posts: mercy and grace, please, for me and my bloody iPhone 😉 Cheers!

  2. Lucy, I can so relate to your blog. We did not get internet until November after we moved in our Burley house in Sept. We did not go to London during our recent visit. By the time we got around to buy tickets they were $300. We went to the Lake District. I recommend! Grassmere, home of Wordsworth, where ginerbread originated. I also remember exceeding my internet usage and begging Hal to top me off! Love to you!
    Karen Kimbrough

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