Hillsong: Our Home away from Home

{The other 1/2 of that previous post’s excerpt}

Hillsong London has been the other surprise.

We love it. I mean, we knew the reputation that precedes it: awesome worship, solid theology. What we did not know was THE PEOPLE. Oh my goodness, the people. I cannot explain to you the full extent of my gratitude for their welcoming openness.

We filled out the requisite “Welcome Card” thinking it would be weeks before either of us heard anything. Nope. People had called us and set up coffee for later that week! We have met more people and made new contacts in this otherwise overwhelmingly huge city. We’ve attended drinks (several times), dinner (twice), a Hillsong party (amazing. they rented out an entire bowling alley/ 2-story bar and maxed out its occupancy), a birthday party (South African braai!), and a clothes swap with tea and cakes (just the girls).

These people are completely open with their hearts, homes, experiences, contacts, and calendars. It makes me wonder why we tend to be so guarded in our relationships and friendships. It seems to me (looking back) that I would almost expect people to prove their worth–jump through a few hoops at least–then I would take the time to invest in them. Not these people. You want a look at first century church… it is here. And it is beautiful. And humbling. It will absolutely bring you to your knees when you witness giving, sharing, and generosity at someone else’s expense (making cupcakes from scratch just for you; going out of his way to include you in his birthday party; journeying across town to meet you just because you’re new and don’t know the area; making a special trip to the store to be sure they have enough — for you).

We find ourselves, in the still darkness of night, asking, “Why do they do it? Why do they give and give and give and then give some more? Have they never been burned? Do they not end up with crushed expectations? Is there ever a return on their investment?” {If I’m honest, I’m still trying to figure out how they do it without being constantly disappointed, constantly heart-broken over people and things that didn’t turn out the way they thought.} I know why they do it. I know it’s because the love of Jesus in them runs over into the lives of others.

Here’s another happy surprise: knowing that His love spills over and being the recipient of that love are two entirely different things. Wow. Blown away is an understatement.

We’re adjusting quite nicely and I have to admit, at least 95% of that has to be because some sweet, real, authentic, raw, un-churched church people decided to take us under their wing and share their world with a couple of strangers who, honestly, may not even be here a year from now… which makes their commitment to us all the more dear. How do they do it? I’m amazed {and am learning MUCH about myself and my motives and my heart}. London and God’s grace is treating us well. Thank God for Hillsong London. Seriously.

God has done great things for us and we are filled with joy! {Ps 126:3}

One thought on “Hillsong: Our Home away from Home

  1. so awesome and i find myself saying “really?” while reading their pursuit of you . . . how ive fallen short countless times in the pursuit of another!
    so thankful they found you!

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