The delightful problem of a good book

The delightful problem of a good book is that I can’t put it down. I have read 5 such books since we’ve been settled in our flat. Two weeks tomorrow and one MONTH in London!! Time’s flying! I find I read constantly while out and about – even (and especially) at home.

Herein lies the second problem: nothing to read on the tube/ bus. I have seriously started out my day, realized I have nothing to read because I’ve finished my recent read, stopped into a bookshop on the way to the tube, only to repeat the process two days later.

A delightful problem indeed. However, not sure my sweet, caring, handsome hubs appreciates me buying several books every few days, what with both of us on the verge of purchasing many heavy books of the graduate degree persuasion… Perhaps these minor buys – like my lunches out – will remain a mystery to him. Yes, he reads my blog…!


3 thoughts on “The delightful problem of a good book

  1. I'm a crime/ murder mystery junkie. I know. Pure escapism. I've read Diary of a Murder (very good!), The Suspiciond of Mr. Whicher (amazing story but the text may drag in places), and started Snow Drops (longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2011, so that's promising!). In other news, I've also read The Newcomer's guide to London, Friday Night Lights (started but it makes me homesick so after tearing up reading it in public several times, it's been shelved), The Big Short (phenomenal!!), and A Whole New Mind. And if course, Rick Steves oh-so-handy Pocket London– I surprised a tour guide yesterday by asking about a certain fact he had not yet covered (but I had read!). The result was quite rewarding 😉

    I think that about does it for me now, but since I went so quickly thru Diary of a Murder I'll have to take my time finishing Snow Drops. Not packing my books was a real difficulty for me in moving.

  2. Lucy, the Kindle is the perfect solution to your problem, I think. No books to pack back home, and immediate access to new ones (at midnight even) when you're done with one. Plus the portability for your touring is invaluable.

    As for purists who hate e-books, I say there's enough book love in my heart for both formats. I'm always reading one of each. It's all about content in the final analysis. (I also think I waste fewer book dollars using the free sample feature on Kindle 'cause I download a bunch and take my time reading and choosing what I'll read – sometimes choosing a paper book from a digital sample.)

    Love reading your blog, and I'm so glad you're finding time for pleasure reading. I'll look for some of the ones you mentioned; they sound great.


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