Things are going well. Grant actually had strep throat over the weekend {with 102* fever!} but he saw the doc on Monday and is on penicillin. Things are looking up!

We’re both busy with school and group work and presentations and find that our “exploring” phase of London has dwindled significantly – but not completely! Other than trying new venue, pubs, and restaurants, we pretty much crash at home – reading, studying, emailing, facebooking, or blogging. We do have some fun things coming up, though!

My class is having a Halloween party in Seven Sisters (North London)
We’re helping plan this Masquerade Boat Party in November
My family is coming to play in December for Christmas!
Hillsong is having a ridiculous NYE party that we get to help plan and organize
In January we’re having a massive Murder Mystery Party
In February we’re teaming up with Hillsong’s The Gathering for a Valentine’s Day Party
In March we’re heading to Bulgaria for a snowboarding/ ski trip!!

I can hardly contain myself. That’s about all that’s new with us. What’s new with you??

2 thoughts on “Recoup

  1. Lucy, glad to hear you're feeling better. It sounds like you have a lot of activities ahead. Take it slow and don't do too much until you're completely recovered from your surgery.

    Sorry to hear that Grant got sick on top of everything else. When it rains…

    Enjoy this time in your life. You'll look back on it later with great fondness … even the trying times.

    Love ya! Tell Grant to send me my shoes.


  2. Can't wait for all the events to come up. Let's make the most of this experience. Love you.

    I am currently wearing the shoes, Merrill. You wouldn't believe how comfortable they actually are. These shoes have been all over the U.S, Italy, Ireland and now England. You should really look to invest in a pair.

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