Keepin’ it Real

Life here is certainly an adventure. We have some fun trips and great pics to show for it. But the day-in, day-out stuff here really sucks.*

Exhibit A:
The Post Office
We received a package while we were out and got a slip to collect at the local post office. We could not locate this local post office on google maps. The phone number listed on our slip rang and rang with no answer and no voice mail; we were instructed to call back four separate times. Grant maps out the post code, walks in that general direction, finds the post office (victory!) only to have the lady not even check for our package. She takes one look at the slip in Grant’s hand, says she’s sure it’s not here anymore (?) and walks away from Grant as he continues to ask her questions about the location of our package. Grant leaves empty handed. He said he’s not sure he’s ever had any one treat him like that–ever.

Exhibit B:
The Bank
City University attempts to take a large sum of money out of our account–so large that it’s way more money than is in our our little account (despite my parents wiring the money to school). As a result, there are insufficient funds that affect our account and card use for days. I’d love to be able to check this online, but I can’t because the bank has not texted me a special online banking code, so we are in the dark about recent transactions. Now, there are over-draft fees (unbeknownst to us, having been assured that we would not incur fees from the university only days before). I run to the bank this afternoon at 4:30, arriving around 4:40. The banks here conveniently close at 4:30 not 5:00. I get on the phone where it takes four representatives and two different security people to answer one simple question.  I’m honestly still not sure if anything was resolved.

There’s an expression: “It’s been real. And It’s been fun. But it’s not been real fun.”

*I know the bank and the post office can suck anywhere.  I know they probably frustrate everyone everywhere. But there are things that are in general more difficult here and things that are in general more convenient at home. I’m not wishing our time away or complaining too much, but if I can’t keep it real on here, where can I be honest? This is my safe place to write–when it’s great and when it sucks, and everything in between.

What are your thoughts?

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