Picture Overload – Travel Update

Ok. So I have finally uploaded lots of our pictures from the past 6 months to facebook, and I still haven’t commented on my family coming for Christmas (it was amazing) or our visit home for Easter (even more amazing).

Christmas 2011





Easter Visit – 2012


Miss this Little Girl

Augusta (Easter 2012)

Mama’s Bday (Easter 2012)

Visit with the Hills and the Smiths @ The Holly Bush Pub

To recount, we went to Paris in November, Portugal in February, Hungary and Switzerland in March, and America in April.

In 5 short days we’ll be spending a week in Greece. We will have 7 blissful nights and 8 sun-filled days in Santorini on a resort overlooking the caldera. We’ll celebrate my birthday (May 3rd) and Cinco de Mayo (margaritas, anyone?) before leaving. This is where we part ways for a bit :*(

Santorini, Greece 
(our resort)

Grant will fly from Greece to Shanghai, China and I will fly back to London. After we both sleep off the jet lag and sadness, he’ll start back to school on May 7th and I’ll start mine on May 8th. Sad sad sad.

Shanghai, China

Happily for me, Stahler will be flying in on May 10th!! And so the Brother-Sister Summer Adventure begins! I seriously can’t wait. It will be epic.


I’ll fly out to meet Grant in Shanghai probably on May 30th to arrive there on our 4 year wedding anniversary (May 31st). We’ll hang around over there for a bit, travel around Asia, hopefully see Tibet and Hong Kong, before taking a week off to celebrate our anniversary in Koh Samui, Thailand!


Hong Kong
Koh Samui, Thailand (our resort)
We get back to London on June 22 (Stahler will still be here, having traveled around Europe a bit, visiting friends and family). 

mid-July, Kate Smith (bff here!!) and I are planning a trip to Croatia and Slovenia (and possibly Venice, Italy)!




Venice, Italy

We’re also up for at least two more trips that are in the works: one to Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam and a possible trip to Iceland.


(both photos of Iceland curtesy of Kate Smith Photography)

Like the title said, picture overload, travel update.

2 thoughts on “Picture Overload – Travel Update

  1. Lucy I am so jealous of your life. So excited that you're going to Slovenia though! You definitely have to go to Ljubljana and Bled, and to Plitvice in Croatia. You might be passing through my hometown between there are Venice 🙂

  2. I cannot wait for our trip! Its going to be amazing, although it looks like you aren't having too rough of a time without me…galavanting through Greece, dominating England with Stahler, and then canoodling with G-Dug in China and Thailand. Not too shabby. I need to get back to London before you forget how awesome I am 😉

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