Too quick catch up

Ok. So life has been happening too fast to keep up on the blog! Gloriously good, but FAST! I would love to update with full posts and pics on Greece and my bday in Greece (and hopefully I will in the near future!) but for now I’ve downloaded an app on my phone for posting on the go in an effort to stay better caught up. This is not just a quick catch up but a too quick catch up. Sorry 😉

1. Greece was amazing.
2. My birthday was incredible and spending it in Greece with my honey was more than perfect.
3. Leaving was triple sad: we were leaving Greece, I was leaving for London, and Grant was leaving for Shanghai.
4. I was very sad 😦
5. Stahler flew in and we’ve commenced the Brother-Sister Summer of Awesomeness.
6. Matt Reynolds and Pat Barrett came to stay and visit. It was so great to show off London to them. Good food, great company. Grant was missed.
7. Stahler and I went to the Thorpe Park amusement and ride park with my uni friends. It was amazingly comparable to Six Flags and this adrenalin junkie (and her brother) were happy!
8. Today Stahler and I are at Hampton Court Palace. We’ve seen the Chapel Royal, Henry VIII’s Kitchens, the wine cellars, and several of the gardens. Up next: the Maze! and dinner at The White Horse in Richmond.

Tomorrow: Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, and the White Cliffs of Dover!

Like I said: too fast but gloriously good #life

What are your thoughts?

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