In 24 hours I’ll be flying to see Grant in China

This time tomorrow, I’ll be checking my bags, reading on my Nook app, and settling into my gate and terminal before I embark on a 15-hour journey to Shanghai by way of Moscow.

Grant is in the middle of spending about 8 weeks in China as a rotation of his MBA program at Hult International (recently ranked top 40 MBA in the world!!). I have been in London attending 4 weeks of classes for my grad program (and visiting castles with Stahler and hosting cousins showing off the best of London).

This month apart has been such an interesting time. God has been so gracious to us. It’s as if He’s built in time in our marriage to focus on communication and purity – which is a funny thing if you think about it. It is rare to have time dedicated to these two after the wedding day. We have enjoyed quality conversation, a deeply spiritual connection, self-control and discipline. It is rare to find time and focus like we’ve had over the past month. We both are very grateful for it.

It’s totally characteristic for God to take what could be a hardship (separation) and turn it into a blessing (sanctification).

Did I mention that we are celebrating 4 years of wedded bliss on Thursday? I have never known that such depths of love existed. I cannot wait to rush into the arms of my beloved.

Next time I blog, I’ll be in China! #crazy

What are your thoughts?

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