i am presently consumed with the notion of romance. it seems that i’ve just discovered it, yet it’s been around us all the while without our knowing–in the little things, the details–changing our lives without our attention.  sure, there are the obvious things–grant loves me and has romanced me like none other, to no end, and with no comparison–but there are smaller things than intentional gestures. a letter in the mail. surprise concert tickets. one single text message that matters most all day. taking care of my puppy when i need it the most. making me laugh. giving a hug. i feel overwhelmed with the possibility of love. love in friendships. relationships. old ones. new ones. family. future. fellowship. neighbors. strangers.  it’s overpowering if you think about it.  but then again, isn’t that they way God intended it to be? romance, the stuff that knocks you off your feet? takes your breath away? when you discover it, when it finds you, when you open your eyes to the incredible story we’re all apart of. my only hope is that, for as long as i can, i will retain this heightened sense of awareness that love is all around us and that the author of our love story is wooing us unceasingly with romance.

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