Babies, bands, and jobs!

it seems like everyone is having babies! hannah and aswan, kelly and john (future in-laws), dr. albertson (advisor), etc! babies are a gift and i can’t wait to be an aunt! yay!

a few wedding updates.
i’m so excited b/c grant and i have finally picked out our wedding bands. and grant moves into our future home april 21st! yay! we’re talking about all the stuff we’re bringing together and how we’ll set up our new place. it’s all very exciting!
please pray that i find a job in atlanta or something. i’m currently employed but unhappy working under a boss that stresses me out and lacks organization. i need something that will contribute to the joint account (we have no money;) but will also allow for me to be full time in graduate school. ideally, a temporary part-time job until december that will become full time upon graduation, that’s not too far from home and is (full time) salary-based with benefits rather than hourly and sucky. you know. we all have a bottom line. i just want to meet it and be happy and be a newly wed and be a good wife and a good student all at the same time.  i know God will provide, but the dollars and cents of it all is overwhelming sometimes. 

What are your thoughts?

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